Some Sweet Stuff

Is Monday here already? Yes, yes it is.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ours went by way to fast, but was filled with great adventures. Heart-melting adventures, as you can see.

But Monday is here, so here's some sweet stuff to start off your week right:

  • Some dazzling super moon photographs from around the world (I am in love with the one of the super moon rising over Lady Liberty). 
  • One of the best mother's day gift lists I have ever seen via Monica Bielanko (take note, husband).
  • The best bizarre news stories you'll read all day, from the ever entertaining (I'm partial to the underground fun-time terrorists with a couscous maker in their politically confusing movie theater/lair).
  •  I was torn between sharing McSweeney's available nanny position or some Princess Bride lines suitable for critiquing freshman composition papers (obviously, I couldn't choose).
  • Martha's mother's day crafts are always gorgeous (though sometimes impractical, I'm looking at you decorative origami-esque placecards).

Let's have a good week, shall we?