L is for Lucas

Licking the camera in 3...2...1...

I really regret not writing down more about Lucas' first year. I didn't realize how easy it would be to forget all those little baby things that are so fleeting. I want to remember his obsessions and funny phases as he grows. So here's what my Lucas is loving these days:

This lightsaber, totally awesome.
Light up my Life -He loves lights. All lights. All the time. On walks he needs to point to every streetlamp and every head light and tail light on every car. He points to lights on ceiling fans, lamps, vacuum cleaners, the stove, the oven, the webcam, the printer, the computer power button, the phone. Do you know how many lights you encounter in a given day? I do; it's a lot. I could take him to the light section in Home Depot, and he'd be entertained for hours. I, however, would pull my hair out after listening to him say "Light, light, light, light, lightlightlightlight" after all of two minutes.  
My serious boogie down face.
 Tiny Dancer - This kid can move. He's got dance moves like you've never seen. We have dance parties, regularly, in the living room. His music of choice? Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Dion and any rendition of If You're Happy and You Know It.  He's a pretty awesome singer too. Doot doot doot, whooooooaaaaa.
Mom, you missed a spot.
Cleaning Buddy - Lucas really loves to clean. I hope it is a love that stays with him into his teenage years. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. He loves cleaning so much that he has to kiss the vacuum goodnight when we put it away, and will not allow me to wipe down the counters unless he can have a paper towel to wipe down the cupboards as well. We had to get him a fully functioning mini vacuum which he rolls around the house pretty much all day every day. The only downside to this cleaning obsession is that he has very high standards for cleaning. His new thing? Pointing at a dirty spot on the floor and exclaiming "Oh no, it's dirty." That's fine, kid, as long as you're the one cleaning.

The baker's apprentice.
My Big Baking Helper - Lucas loves being in the kitchen with me. He finally at the age where he can "help" me with baking, and though it may take a little longer and get a little messier, there is nothing better than cooking with Lucas. He pours in ingredients and helps stir and whisk. He also loves to take out all the pots and pans a pretend to cook. I'll often find him on the kitchen floor with every pot and pan in the house, slurping from each empty pot and saying "mmmm, good."

Uncle John's car, please ignore all the cigarette cartons.
Vroom Vroom - Lucas has a thing for driving cars. He likes it best if he can turn the radio on and sing while intermittently making vroom vroom car noises. If people are over, he'll choose various family members to sit in the passenger seat and drive with him. It's pretty darn cute.