Q is for Questions

Lucas is fast approaching that age when explanations will be needed for everything. The toddler stage of questions unleashed in rapid fire; when the ability to speak becomes the ability to ask "why." He is curious about the world. He has many questions, I see it in his eyes as we read books and when we venture into the big wide world and when he explores on his own while I watch from the sidelines, awestruck.

I wonder what questions you will have for me, and if I will be ready for them. I wonder how I will explain the world to you in a way that you understand. I wonder if my answers will satisfy you or make you question further those things we do not understand. I wonder what I should tell you when you ask me about the bad and dark things in the world. I wonder if I know the answers myself. 

I hope, my love, that I will have the courage to tell you when I do not know. And I hope we can find answers together. I hope you will not become discouraged when the answer is not what you wanted or wished for, when the world is not as it should be. I hope you can wash the bad taste from your mouth and still be hungry for knowledge. And I hope that you never stop asking the questions that pull at your heart, and never stop searching for truth.

I hope your knowledge makes you stronger and better and wiser. 

I hope your answers make you want more.