R is for Run

I'm pretty excited for the Color Me Rad 5K coming to Reno next weekend. It's going to be awesome and colorful and we're having a super fun BBQ at our place afterwards. If you're in the Reno area, I have no idea why you aren't signed up already. And by the way, it's not too late to register and join team Dyeing to Run under the iron fist of captain Hartley. I kid, I'm probably definitely going to be slow as all hell. And thinking about post-run BBQ the whole time.

So seriously, you should do this thing. It's 3.1 miles of party time, followed by more party time. Plus it benefits the Special Olympics of Nevada so you can feel like you've done something productive even if you walk the whole way. Which is totally an option. Just FYI. 

I mean, look at all that awesomeness. I hear they have unicorns! Do it.