U is for Undecided

This post, surprisingly, not political at all. I may dance around being an undecided voter at times, but this post is about something much more lighthearted and fun...

via birthdaygirlblog.com


I am, as of yet, undecided about the details of Lucas' second birthday party. I am thinking about going more simple, without an over-the-top theme since he won't really appreciate that until he's older. A simple party for family and friends with a few special touches and lots of balloons. (Goodness gracious does this kid love balloons).

But even a simple party will mean lots of planning and sifting through ideas on my part. I love planning parties and watching my ideas come to life. It is seriously one of my favorite things in life. Then you add in some favorite people to enjoy it with you, and it's just perfection.

Here are some of my favorite party planning blogs and shops full of fabulous party ideas for all occasions:

One Charming Party - This blog is so full of awesome ideas and great visuals. They also have posts categorized by party themes, which is great if you know what you're looking for, or even if you don't!

Dandee - Danyelle's blog is always lovely and crafty, but she has an entire sections devoted to the fantastic parties she throws. I love looking at all the details as she puts them together for her kids' birthday parties.

Hip Hip Hooray - Even though this blog has ended, it is still a source of endless ideas. My favorite feature is their "real parties" which gives you an inside look at all the fun details of some real life themed parties.

Sweet Lulu - This shop has the best selection of giant balloons and cute stripey straws you can imagine. So much fun stuff to add those special touches to your party.

Garnish - This is one of those shops that Dandee swears by for her party packaging and craft boxes. It has perfectly simple and totally customizable packaging for all occasions. Sift through their ideas section; you will fall in love. 

Meri Meri -This shop has tons of themed party supplies, but my absolute favorite is their cupcake supplies and packaging. So cute!

Then of course there's Pinterest, but that needs no explanation. Do you have any other favorites for party planning?