V is for Vroom

So, I thought I'd just take a brief moment to share a little afternoon project with you. The kids spent all morning vrooming in this jumbo diaper box, so during nap time I decided to make it look a little less like trash. All it took was some chalkboard paint and my below par drawing skills and viola: chalkboard car (or bus, because those are supposed to be windows above the wheels and oddly shaped headlights). Tomorrow we could make it into an airplane or a secret hideout or any number of things. Such is the beauty of chalkboard paint.

I've been super into finding pinterest projects for the kids to try out, especially with all the holidays coming up. This wasn't one of them, but all that inspiration has me thinking outside the box when it comes to DIY projects. I think we're going to have a very fun winter ahead of us.

Vroom vroom!