Boo to the Same Old

Okay, I know. It was maybe two days ago that I said I wouldn't be jumping on the gun-control issue (or any other connected political issue) in the immediate wake of the Newton tragedy, and hear me out, I'm not planning on doing so right now. I'm letting you know it might seem that way at first, so bear with me for a minute. Because what I'm fired up about isn't gun control. I promise.

 What I'm fired up about is this meme...

(gets*, don't*)
...and moreover, what this meme represents.

Which is, in short, stupidity.

Now, allow me to say that being pro-gun does not make you stupid. My husband is an intelligent man who is very fond of his guns and his second amendment rights. I grew up around guns, I'm a fairly good shot and I've owned hunting rifles and handguns throughout my life. We come from hunting, gun-owning families. Let me assure you that I don't believe being pro-gun inherently makes you a bumbling, redneck idiot.

(Allow me to also state that the subject matter of the meme is fairly inconsequential, but I'm going to continue to run with the gun-control meme, because it's there and it's painstakingly convenient.)

What gets me fired up about this meme isn't that someone feels they have a right to own a gun to protect their family. Heck, it's not even about the fact that someone feels entitled to own an automatic weapon for the purpose of protecting their family (seriously?). In reality, it doesn't have much at all to do with my personal opinion on the subject of gun control.

I'm upset because I'm sick to death of people making stupid, weak and invalid arguments on the internet. I'm tired of listening to the same old  asinine arguments about gun control. And via meme? Memes can be funny, perhaps inspirational, but they will rarely, if ever, make a solid, stand alone argument about something that matters deeply to you. (Someone, anyone, show me I'm wrong. I'll buy you a beer, or bake you some cookies.)

I'm all for heated arguments, even those which occur on the internet. I kind of love it and see why my parents used to say I should be a lawyer. I'm not saying keep your mouth shut. Not by a long shot. I'm saying don't try to make some sort of clever connection between the fact that the presidential family has a need for a security detail and the fact that you feel an automatic weapon is a necessity for the average American family by using a poorly conceived meme. Because the connection isn't there. It never was. It never will be. In short, make a better case for your cause.

If you want to get behind a cause, fine. If you're on the opposite end of the spectrum from me, fine. If you want to broadcast your beliefs on the internet, have at it. I do it all the time. But for the love of whatever it is that you are so passionate about, put a little thought and effort into your stance. Make sure you're standing on solid ground where jerks like me can't knock you off your feet.There are plenty of valid arguments to be made on both sides of most hot-button issues. Find them. Use them. Read up on some of the reasons everyone thinks you're wrong, and try not to scoff. Try to be better.

Stop being stupid, and start being a smart ass. 

Trust me, it's much more fun.

*Also, if the person who originally posted this meme is for some reason reading this, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to personally attack you. I have no bone to pick with you; I think sat next to you in a single biology class in high school and recall little other than your penchant for wearing hockey jerseys. I'm simply pregnant, and writing rants on whims of fancy.