Y is for Year

It's hard to believe December is here already. In the midst of getting ready for the holidays and Lucas' birthday, I've been looking back on the year, trying to account for lost time.

Not so sure how this tiny munchkin...
..turned into this full blown kid.

I've reached that point where life has started moving at a rate I can't seem to keep up with. It makes me wildly uncomfortable to feel like life is slipping out of my grasp, so I'm in full blown resolution mode (which is an accomplishment in itself considering the fact that I'm normally found making a list of New Year's Resolutions mid-February). I like to make epic lists, which pretty much all educated sources frown upon because it sets you up for failure. But screw it, I like a challenge.

So here are my resolutions for the next year, to make sure it's just as (if not more) wonderful than 2012.

Granting that the world doesn't end, of course.

 1. Photography
  • I want to take more pictures, because taking millions of photos is the only way I'm ever going to get a picture of Lucas looking at the dang camera. (See Above: Babies love to look at cameras, toddlers look at a camera and immediately reach for it with grubby fingers, then melt onto the floor in a dramatic tantrum when they cannot have it)
  • Also, I need to read my DSLR manual and start taking better photos, because at this point, there's no excuse for being such a mediocre photographer.
  • Do something with my photos, like start making some awesome albums through Costco. I just ordered about 500 prints because I haven't developed any photos ALL YEAR. Ridiculous. 
  • Organize my photos and back up my files, every month. Not once a year. 
2. Finances
  • Start saving into a retirement fund and college fund consistently every month.
  • Tighten up our flabby budget.
  • Stick to my meal plans so we don't overspend on food.
3. Health
  • Drink more water
  • Find a workout schedule that works for me
  • Go to the dentist (and here I admit to you that it has been eight godforsaken years since I've been to the dentist. I know, I'm pretty appalled with myself too.)
  • Find a primary care doctor (I also haven't had a physical, or seen a regular doctor except my OBGYN, since I was 15, yikes.)
4. Personal
  • Have at least two nights, per month, where I go out, sans babies. It can be a date night with Rob, or a terrible movie with my friends, or going to a book signing, or a yoga class, or a solo run. But I need time to be me, and I'm not going to feel guilty about it!
  • Paint my nails every week, because I like having my nails painted. Right now my nails are fire engine red, and I feel saucy. 
  • Read at least two books a month. I have time for this even in the busiest months, and it's a goal I was able to stick to (for the most part) this year. 
  • Organize more. It helps me simplify my life and stops us from accumulating too much crap.
5. Writing
  • Contribute to my blog at least once a week. 
  • Try to get something published on the internet at least once a month. 
  • Write at least four new short stories by the end of the year. This year I only did two and it makes me terribly sad. 
  • Just write, no matter what the form. It's something I need to do.

Got anything I should add to my list? I'm sure I'm not quite done with it yet.