A Happy Year

I made cheez-its on my other blog today, if anyone's interested.

Has anyone read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? I just finished it a couple days ago and started my own happiness project. Even though we're midway through January, I considered the first part of the month as preparation and therefore have no problem with marking January 10th as my first day of the project. I mean, what better way to get excited for a year of happiness resolutions then a mini-vacation with this little guy?

The Bay Area Discovery museum was happiness incarnate.
For those of you who haven't read the book (which you should, by the way, I sort of loved it), Rubin embarks on a yearlong, self-proclaimed happiness project in which she makes a series of resolutions which she thinks will contribute to a happier life. She divides her resolutions into categories by month (January: Vitality/Energy, February: Love/Marriage, etc.) and makes a daily resolution chart to keep track of her progress. Each month has 4-5 resolutions, and they compound each month (so you have some 50-60 resolutions in motion on the chart by the end of the year). It's very type A and a tad obsessive compulsive, which resonated with me, deeply.

So what am I up to this month? I'm working on organizing and "getting it together" for January. Here are my five resolutions and what they entail. I'll probably update you on how they're going as the month goes on.

1. Track "To Do" Lists
  • My goal with this is to check off five written tasks every day. It makes sure I don't waste the day and wonder what I've been doing (like eating homemade cheez-its and foodgawking/pinteresting the afternoon away). Also, it gave me an excuse to buy a new day-planner. I can't wait for my bright and beautiful moleskin 2013 daily planner to arrive.
2. Tidy at Night
  • This one came straight out of the book. One of Rubin's resolutions was to spend 10 minutes tidying up at night. Its so nice to wake up without blocks all over the ground or Rob's socks on the living room floor or wineglasses left out on the coffee table. It just gives you a sense of calm to wake up to a nice clean house. 
3. Clear Clutter/Organize
  • I'm trying to get through all the closets, cabinets, drawers and other hiding places to clear out all our unnecessary  junk this month. We've already taken boxes upon boxes to goodwill, and I'm sure there are many more boxes to come. It helps me to imagine that we're getting ready to move and only keeping what we would take with us. 
4. Build Routine
  • This is a big one for me. Since I don't have a job anymore, I need routine to keep me productive. I need to know that I have a certain time where I should be showered and made-up for the day, and possibly even wearing real pants. I'm also trying to get myself on a more consistent sleep schedule since I tend to be a night owl. I would eventually like to train myself to get up before Lucas and start getting work done, making breakfast, etc.
5. Write out Goals
  •  I always do best when I have a specific goal in mind that I'm working towards. It helps me stay organized and focused, no matter what the task at hand is. Also, part of writing out my goals includes adding to my Life List, which is basically a bucket list but a little more flexible. Early Mama has a great post on how she recently added items to check off on her Life List.
Anyone interested in joining me on this happiness project? You know you want to...