Happiness Progress Report

Looking at the camera and smiling normally...amazing.
People, we've only got one week left in January. Where did this month go? My goodness.

And are you still in resolution mode?

I sure am.

In fact, I'm here to give an update on my happiness project resolutions and my original resolutions, most of which I've kept up so far!

1. Track "To Do" Lists

  • This one has been going really well for me. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I have a deep love for making lists and checking off items (like an unnatural love) and also quite a bit to do with my pretty new planner. I'm getting my five items checked off every day, and sometimes even more. I think there was one day where I only checked off four items, but that's still pretty darn good if you ask me. I'm feeling pretty super productive these days. 
2. Tidy at Night
  • I'm doing fairly well with this one. There have been two or three nights where I've let myself get too tired to tidy, but for the most part I'm getting it done. I'm finding that it really puts me at ease when I go to bed if I know the living room and kitchen are tidied up.
3. Clear Clutter/Organize
  • I've been a freakin boss with this resolution. We have taken boxes upon boxes to goodwill in the last month. I've cleaned all our closets (except the coat closet, which is going on a to do list before the month's end), organized the kitchen cabinets, gone through every last piece of paper in our desk (okay, so that one had more to do with finding a certain tax document than anything else, but still), filed my recipe print-outs, organized every dresser drawer, and sorted through TWO YEARS worth of photos then made/ordered custom albums from Costco. Like a boss.
4. Build Routine
  • This has definitely been my slacking resolution. While my routine has gotten better (I'm in bed by 10:30 most every night, and up by 7:30 most every morning), I'm still totally not on a set schedule like I had hoped to be. And I'm still not wearing real pants at a reasonable hour (or, you know, at all some days). I am, however, doing pretty good at making breakfast, and I have been keeping Lucas on a solid schedule, so not all is lost. Progress in this area may be slow, but I'm not giving up hope.
5. Write out Goals
  • This was one of those slightly less specific goals (oh, the irony) so it has been harder to track. However, I'm working on getting my Life List up to 100 items by the end of the month, I've set some highly specific financial goals for the year, I'm writing down my to do lists with great regularity and I'm jotting down things I'd like to add to my resolution charts as they come to me. So, I guess it's been pretty successful!
Also, in regards to my original New Year's resolutions, I'm doing pretty well there too. I've read two books this month, stayed on top of my photography goals, had my writing published on Early Mama, stuck to my financial goals, blogged at least once a week (even a couple times on my food blog!), I've been drinking more water and found a family doctor. I still haven't gone to the dentist and I only painted my nails once this month, but the year is still young, my friends.

I hope you are all still resolute in your pursuits. And more importantly, that your year is a happy one so far. xoxo