February Resolutions

I really love February, but it's a short, sneaky month. If I'm not careful it will elude my resolution efforts, which are faltering more than I care to admit. My January resolutions were going pretty well until almost the end of the month. But now I'm struggling to keep up with the tidying at night and building routine and there have even been a few days where I haven't written down, let alone tackled, my to do lists. I'm telling you this because I'm ashamed, and I want to get it back together. I'm really striving to be faithful to this happiness project, and I need to be honest when it's not going so hot.

And to add to my feeling lackluster in resoluteness, February means a whole new set of resolutions. January was probably one of my hardest months (which is why I put those resolutions in place first, and is probably why I'm still struggling a bit). February is a total shift in focus where most of my resolutions are relationship based rather than productivity based. Let's hope I have at least one day where I stick to all ten (yes there's ten now!) resolutions.

Here are February's Resolutions on Love:

1. Make Meals

  • My goal to make meals isn't a huge step in a new direction for me. I already make plenty of food for my family. But this month, I'm making a real effort to make dinner for Rob every single night (unless we're going out or he has a special meal planned that he wants to make) and to make more special treats and desserts. So far (um, all of one week in) I've kept to this goal and as an added bonus, it's totally helping me stick to our meal planning budget. I'm also trying to make a greater variety of meals for Lucas and add more homemade into his picky, picky diet. It doesn't always go over well, so I have chicken nuggets and frozen waffles on stand-by, but he has taken a great liking to my homemade raviolis, which makes me feel awesome.
2. Touch Tenderly
  • This is another straight out of the book resolution. I'm making a conscious effort to give more hugs and kisses, and snuggle up on the couch, and hold hands whenever possible. It's not a terribly difficult resolution, but it's definitely one that majorly boosts my happiness. It helps me feel closer to Rob, which is especially important since our time together has been cut way down with his ambitious full-time load at school in addition to his 40 hour work week.
3. Appreciate Everything
  • So, as I said, Rob is working full-time and going to school full-time, and sleeps probably all of four to six hours on any given night because he has homework like nobody's business. And on the few nights he is home at a decent hour, he manages to give Lucas a bath and put him to bed. Or on the mornings he's at home, he gets Lucas out of bed and makes time to take him to the park. He's superdad and superhusband. All. The. Time. So, I'm really making an effort to tell him I appreciate him, every single day, because he really deserves to be appreciated.
4. Stop Complaining
  • I never complain about my husband, but I always complain to my husband. So in addition to appreciating him, I'm trying not to drain any more on his energy with all my whining. Which is really hard for me and, I'll admit, I'm not doing a great job on this resolution so far. While I've significantly scaled back on my complaining and venting, I still find myself whining about my back hurting or the baby kicking too hard or how gosh darn tired I am (you know, because I'm sure he's not tired at all) or how I just don't feel good. I am a way more major whiner than I realized before trying out this resolution... I am however, doing a lot better not complaining about him going running when I want him home or the fact that he can't come to bed at night because he has too much homework to do, which is a vast improvement from past semesters. Baby steps, my friends.
5. Give Proofs of Love
  • I'm great about telling Rob I love him. I tell him all the time. But I'm not sure how often I show him. So I'm trying to do more to show my love in tangible ways, like bringing him home his favorite cookies from the store, or choosing a show/movie that he wants to watch, or making a special treat on a whim. Too often I find myself thinking that I'm showing my love by keeping the house clean and taking care of Lucas and doing the majority of the cooking and carrying our kick-punching children in my uterus, but those things are part of my lifestyle. I don't do them purely for love, purely for him. But those nasty fudge-creme mint oreos and an evening spent watching TED...that is 100% for Rob.
These resolutions are compounding on my January resolutions which were:

1. Track To-Do Lists
2. Tidy at Night
3. Clear Clutter/Organize
4. Build Routine
5. Write Out Goals (an update where I share my Life List is coming soon)

This year of resolutions is going to be a beast, but so far, despite my failings, I'm really glad I'm doing it. I can honestly say that this happiness project is already making me feel much happier and in control of my life.