Happiness Project Progress: Month 2

Busy making Valentines
I know February is the shortest month and all, but it really flew past me this year. I squeezed in a fraction of the Valentine crafts and baking that I wanted to do, and the house went undecorated with the exception of our homemade cards (which were completed while Rob was at work, on Valentine's Day itself). But it was still the most wonderful Valentine's Day I've ever had. Lucas and I crafted the morning away, Rob came home early enough for a family adventure to the park, and I had a lovely dinner cooked for me while I made Rob his requested pineapple upside-down cake.
Daddy also got cookies, made with lots of love.
As for my second month of resolutions, it was a mixed bag. All that second trimester energy I was riding on while devising this project hit a brick wall in early February, and a lot fell by the wayside. Lists were not made every day, the house was certainly not tidied every night, and making meals fell to Rob more often than I'd like to admit. We ate quite a bit more spaghetti and pre-packaged meatballs than I had originally intended. And by the end of the month, I'm pretty sure my complaining increased as opposed to disappearing completely. Perhaps I'll come back to that one with renewed force after this baby is born.

But even with the backsliding and some resolutions just flat out failing, I'm not giving up hope. There were still areas where I felt like I excelled; picking up treats, touching more and being more appreciative really gave me a big boost of happiness. I feel like my month of love resolutions brought us closer together and made our relationship happier, even though we were in a pretty great place to begin with.

Also, my January resolutions are starting to become second nature now, though I'm still struggling to get my act together at night with tidying and staying in a regular bedtime routine. I'm getting more done, the house is staying well organized and I'm doing much better at battling pregnancy brain with list making.
I didn't even forget anything I needed for our trip to California
So all in all, I feel (sort of) ready to take on a new month of resolutions for March. The upcoming March resolutions are important ones, because they are all about friendship. They're especially important because most of my friends are probably wondering where the heck I am, because I've been slacking on keeping in touch with many of my nearest and dearest. Hopefully that ends here!