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One of my January resolutions was to start writing out my goals, which ultimately led me to update my life list or bucket list or whatever you'd like to call it. My goal was to get it up to 100 items by the end of January. I think I missed the deadline, but early in February I got my 100 items on the list and I feel pretty pleased with it. I'm excited to share it with you, to keep some sort of accountability for it. Hopefully I'll have some sort of progress to show you by the end of the year, I'd love to knock 5 items off the list.

I kept all the items I originally put on my list (which was written out in pencil, in a notebook, sometime shortly after seeing the ever-life-changing Walk to Remember in middle school), even the ones that seem absurd now (like living in England or being in a pageant...not sure where that one's going). I was happy to find that most of the things I dreamed about doing when I was 13 are things I have either accomplished or still aspire to. I'm pretty steadfast in my passions, which I think will serve me well throughout my life. Or at least that's what I hope.

Here's a few life lists I found helpful when forming my own, in case you're into this sort of thing or want to make your own.

Early Mama
Mighty Life List
Scarlet Words
The Traveling Adventurer 

And of course, here's my list for all the world to see too:

1.      explore a cave
2.      go skydiving
3.      fall in love
4.      get married
5.      have a baby
6.      run a marathon
7.      get straight As one semester
8.      bike Mt. Haleakala
9.      ride in a helicopter
10.  swim with dolphins
11.  be in a pageant
12.  learn to wakeboard
13.  learn to snowboard
14.  host a dinner party
15.  see the Northern Lights
16.  go ice fishing
17.  have churros and hot chocolate in Spain
18.  live in England
19.  bungee jump in New Zealand
20.  go dancing in Spain
21.  eat sushi
22.  visit Hana in Maui
23.  be in a dance show
24.  earn my blackbelt
25.  eat chicken fried steak
26.  graduate from a 4 year college
27.  write a novel
28.  have my photography displayed
29.  have my writing published in a literary journal
30.  ride world’s top 10 rollercoasters
31.  plant a garden
32.  own a house
33.  throw a surprise party
34.  visit the 7 natural wonders
35.  go to Alaska for crab festival
36.  enter food in a cooking contest
37.  ride the Ultimate Rush
38.  learn to play the guitar
39.  learn to play the piano
40.  go clubbing in England
41.  be in a play
42.  have a book published
43.  live completely debt free
44.  participate in a NaNoWriMo
45.  take a trip with my Nana
46.  make a cookbook
47.  knit a sweater
48.  crochet an afghan
49.  take my kids to Disney World
50.  visit 10 National Parks
51.  visit all 50 states 1. Alabama; 2. Alaska; 3. Arizona; 4. Arkansas; 5. California; 6. Colorado; 7. Connecticut; 8. Delaware; 9. Florida; 10. Georgia; 11. Hawaii; 12. Idaho; 13. Illinois; 14. Indiana; 15. Iowa; 16. Kansas; 17. Kentucky; 18. Louisiana; 19. Maine; 20. Maryland; 21. Massachusetts; 22. Michigan; 23. Minnesota; 24. Mississippi; 25. Missouri; 26. Montana; 27. Nebraska; 28. Nevada; 29. New Hampshire; 30. New Jersey; 31. New Mexico; 32. New York; 33. North Carolina 34. North Dakota; 35. Ohio; 36. Oklahoma; 37. Oregon; 38. Pennsylvania; 39. Rhode Island; 40. South Carolina; 41. South Dakota; 42. Tennessee; 43. Texas; 44. Utah; 45. Vermont; 46. Virginia; 47. Washington; 48. West Virginia; 49. Wisconsin; 50. Wyoming
52.  write a fun children’s book for my kids (and illustrate it)
53.  write a book of advice and notes for each child
54.  go on an extended family vacation with each (or both) our families
55.  see the tulips in the Netherlands
56.  join (or create) a book club
57.  practice yoga in India
58.  go vegan for one month
59.  be featured in a magazine
60.  build a house
61.  ride in a hot air balloon
62.  master French macarons
63.  renew my wedding vows
64.  go to a Broadway show
65.  read The Sound and The Fury
66.  eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant
67.  take Lucas on The Polar Express
68.  cook through an entire cookbook
69.  stay at the underwater hotel in Dubai
70.  perform stand-up in front of strangers
71.  plant an herb garden
72.  be a vendor at a Farmer’s Market
73.  make croissants from scratch
74.  see a cirque show
75.  see ten of my favorite bands perform
76.  learn how to change a tire
77.  read the entire works of Shakespeare
78.  attend the summer Olympics
79.  go running in Central Park
80.  learn to juggle three balls
81.  walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
82.  finish a bicycle race
83.  pay cash for a home
84.  visit the Eiffel Tower
85.  go camping for a weekend
86.  take a spin class
87.  watch the sunrise on a beach
88.  have a pedicure
89.  eat lobster in Maine
90.  go to the top of a lighthouse
91.  watch a movie at a drive-in
92.  read 50 classic novels:
93.  go technology free for a week
94.  learn to sew
95.  make a stuffed toy
96.  plant a tree
97.  attend 5 mass celebrations such as Carnival in Rio, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, La Tomatino in Spain, Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, etc.
98.  hike the pacific crest trail with Rob
99.  start a fire without a match 
100.  build an “igloo” for my kids 
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