The Waiting Game

Every day just feels like a waiting game now. I wasn't sure if I would get that feeling this time around, but it's finally here. I feel ready and anxious. I'm taking long walks and eating spicy foods and hoping these braxton hicks contractions will turn into something more. I'm waiting for my doctor's appointment and fantasizing that I'll be four or five centimeters dilated, even though my contractions haven't been that bad today. I want to meet her, want to hold her, want to bring her home in my arms and show her she's been loved for so much longer than she can know.


I'm also very anxiously awaiting the proofs from our recent maternity shoot with Lemaire Photography. I had seen the work they had done for friends and others, and I knew these photos would be amazing, but good Lord! The little sneak preview we got here was above and beyond what I had hoped for. I can hardly wait to see more.

So much anxious waiting. What's a girl to do?