another lovely one from Lemaire Photography
I had a dream she would be born today, and this date has been stuck in my mind ever since. It seems unreal that it's actually here. I'm 38 weeks  today, the same as when Lucas was born. But as the minutes tick by on the clock, the more unlikely it seems that this dream will become a reality.

I'm not usually too superstitious when it comes to dreams, but pregnant dreams are a beast all their own. They're more vivid and bold, otherworldly in comparison to their non-pregnant counterpart. The details are memorable and precise. And in all my dreams of Lucas, they were damningly accurate. More premonition than dream. I knew he would be a boy with his dad's bright blue eyes and my brown hair. When I saw him for the first time, I recognized him. This was the boy from my dreams.

But perhaps this time, my dreams have it all wrong. The wrong day (today), the wrong weight (8lb. 6oz.) and I hope to God all these dreams that she is, in reality, a boy (surprise!) are wrong too. Only time will tell.