This Magic Moment

We weren't quite sure how Lucas was going to react to Avery when we came home from the hospital. We had been through months of his "no baby" stage, where anytime someone mentioned the new baby or baby sister he would adamantly yell "no baby," and only occasionally could we coax indifference from him.

When he saw her for the first time, he wasn't particularly thrilled. He was too excited to tell us about his trip to Nana's house to say hello to baby sister. Hugs and kisses? Forget about it. He went about his usual business and ignored her for the remainder of the day. At bedtime he decided to give her a kiss goodnight, so at least we knew there were no hard feelings. That was enough for me.

But the next day, something magical happened. My mom asked Lucas if he would like to hold baby and he lit up with excitement. He crawled up into the rocking chair, smeared on some hand sanitizer and opened his arms for Avery. When my mom placed her on his lap. . .there just aren't words for what took place.

It's like they were always meant to be together. And it melted my heart. xoxo