No Place Like Home

A sleep deprived Lucas napped on the couch with me for an hour like this.
We've been off vacationing for the last week in the North Bay. A beautiful wedding, late nights with friends, flying kites at the beach, exploring near the bay, relaxing and daydreaming at the ranch. Too many hands to hold my sweet baby. Nana and Grandpa taking the early morning shift with Lucas (yes!). Wonderful weather. It was divine.

But while it was lovely, there's really nothing better than coming home after a long trip. Exhausted babies falling asleep all over the place. Baskets of fresh laundry coming out of the dryer. Cooking in your own kitchen. Sleeping in your own bed.

There's nothing like that sense of relief when you lumber through the door with suitcases and kids and snacks and toys, which you heave to the floor with abandon. Nothing like sitting on the couch, bedtimes be damned, and letting everyone unwind.

(Nothing like that cold beer you left waiting in the fridge for just this occasion)

There's nothing better than settling snugly into that familiar place you call home. Returning to where you belong with the people you love. It's the feeling that lets you know you have a good life. A blessed life.

There's just no place like home.