Someday You Will Love

photo by Ron Henggeler
Someday, my darlings, you will fall in love. Fate will choose who, because - as you will all too quickly learn - you have very little say in matters where your heart decides. It's a simple truth, and a scary truth, but it is also hopefully a truth which will ultimately lead you down a path of happiness.

And although this is an arena in which I may not be welcome, I care very deeply about who you love and choose to marry. My heart goes with your heart, always. And I want your heart to be treated well.

I hope you fall in love with someone who is kind. Someone who loves you deeply and knows your worth. Someone who values your mind - your intelligence, your opinions, your passions. Someone who will cherish you and honor you. Someone who brings strength in the places you are weak. Someone who  builds you up and helps you conquer your dreams. Someone who makes you happy in a way you have never known before.

And when someday you choose to marry, I hope you choose someone who will commit to those vows from the core of their being. Someone who will spend each day working to make your love greater. Someone who is willing to fight for you when things get rough. Someone who will not walk away or shut down or give up. Someone who will share your triumphs and feel your pains. Someone who will love you no matter what.

When someday you choose to marry, I hope nothing stands in your way. No archaic laws; no person near or far. Because no one can judge the quality of your love, the depth of your commitment, the ferocity of your passion but you and the one you love.

I hope you choose wisely, and I hope the choice is yours alone - no matter who you love.