Did I Do That?

Photo from Dove Real Beauty campaign
I received some exciting news over the weekend. A piece that I worked very hard on, and that I'm very passionate about has found a place on a site I love and read religiously. It's going to be making it's way onto Role/Reboot in the next couple of weeks. I'm thrilled.

If I'm honest, I'm also a little darn terrified.

This isn't my run of the mill article with which any number of fabulous stock photos can be used. It's a piece about body image. My body. And there's a big up close picture of me, in the teeniest swimsuit you ever did see, sitting on my couch one month postpartum. Engorged breasts and stretch marks and that extra 25lbs still hanging all over the place, all in plain view.

Did I seriously just agree to have that posted on the internet forever?

Yes I did. Even though it gives me a really awkward, horrified feeling in the pit of my stomach, I'm standing by it. And I'm standing by the words I wrote, because I love my body and I'm thankful for how it pulled me through Avery's birth with such amazing strength and sacrifice.

But good Lord, you guys, you're going to get an eyeful. Just a heads up.