Another Life, Another Time

We'll to belly up to the stage at The Flaming Lips concert and dance...

We're going to have four kids, who knows, maybe more. We're going to move into the mountains and have a big astrovan to carry our babes in. They'll wear each others clothes and I'll make bread every day from scratch and we'll have a big garden and an orchard and maybe someday some horses. We won't vacation much but it'll be fine. Maybe one day we'll take them all on a camping trip and they can all bring along one friend. That's camping with at least eight kids...scratch that.

We're going to have one two babes (since they're already in our arms) and we'll make a whole mess of money and travel. We'll take them to Disneyland for fun and London for family and we'll sneak off to Vegas before Elton John dies so I can see him in the flesh and bask in his glory. And we're going to run marathons in all sorts of exciting places and hike the Pacific Crest Trail when we retire early. We're going to conquer every quest on my life list. We're going to travel the world hand in hand.

We're going to win the lottery and buy that house we just passed on a winding country road. The big one with the wrap around porch and a little vineyard, even though I don't know a damn thing about wine. We'll pay someone to move all our stuff and leave the cat behind (okay, I guess we'll bring the cat since we won't be stuck in a car with him while he howls the whole way here). You can buy old cars and fix them up and I'll grow beautiful peonies and roses and tulips and become a florist.

We're going to build a house someday. I'll show you the plans on Pinterest and you'll say, "Yeah, we could make that happen." We'll sketch out the floor plan on sheets of printer paper and keep them in a binder I'll never be able to find until I'm not looking for it. A big house surrounded by oak trees with a beautiful kitchen, a separate workshop for you.You can be a woodworker and I will be a baker.

A while back we were going to move to the coast and live in a van and make seashell necklaces and dive for abalone. We were going to move to Germany and you would be an engineer and I would write novels. Another life, another time.

We're living in a cozy little house in Northwest Reno with two babes and a cat and a big old dog. I'm a writer and soon you'll be graduating as a mechanical engineer. We're making plans for a front yard garden and maybe some spring chickens in the backyard. And maybe we'll have more babies or maybe we won't. Maybe we'll move or maybe we'll stay. Maybe we'll be rich and maybe we won't. Maybe we'll do it all or maybe we'll do something we haven't dreamed of yet.

The path we choose isn't so important, so long as I'm with you.