It's just summer love

I know the blog has been quiet this week. I've been working on a few writer related things: drumming up a new Q+A series for the blog, writing for other outlets, working on drafts that aren't quite ready yet.

But mostly it's been quiet around here because I've been out and about, enjoying these last few weeks of summer. Rob starts school in just over a week, and my summer bucket list remains unfinished. I know we won't get to mark everything off the list this late in the game, but I'm hoping to squeeze a few more things in. A hike, a water gun fight, a trip to the zoo, a mason jar of cool refreshment. . .these things seem doable. Who knows, maybe I'll even be able to finish my good book.

So forgive me while I'm off gallivanting into the wilds that lie outside the internet in a pair of short shorts. It's nothing to worry about. It's just summer love.

We finally made it to Lake Tahoe and had a picnic