Miley Cyrus is Human

Photo: Here it is...from a link in the USA Today article.
From what I've gathered, this pretty much sums up the collective reaction to Miley Cyrus.

First of all, I feel I should admit that I haven't watched any of the VMA's yet. Not even the N*Sync reunion, the mere mention of which makes my heart flutter and the pre-teen girl in me ache with nostalgia. And not the Miley Cyrus performance that has everyone up in arms and throwing stones.

But it doesn't matter if I watched it or not. It's everywhere. Every news outlet. Every social media outlet. Every blog (even this one now).

I think I've got a pretty good idea of what went down: Miley went onstage and looked like a mess. What transpired was lewd and tasteless and made the internet collectively groan. She bumped and grinded and twerked in a way that made everyone really uncomfortable or angry or sad or disgusted or some combination of thereof.

And the outraged crowds went wild.

She got called every name in the book and then some. She was slammed and memed and lectured in blogosphere "mom rants." She was bemoaned as a lost sheep by the righteous, shamed like an unloved child by the rest. And every once in a while someone shouted from the rafters, "WHO CARES?!" And I tried to nod my head in agreement, but for some reason just couldn't.

And I guess it's because despite the fact that I know there are far more important things going on in the world right now, it still made me sad. It's the same sort of sadness I felt around election time, when everyone forgot their humanity for a while. A sadness derived from an out-pour of hate where there should be understanding, or at least an attempt to understand.

There plenty of folks out there pretending to be understanding by playing psychologist and blaming her behavior on any number of things (namely her complicated relationship with her Disney image). But once they diagnose the source of her behavior they all turn to shaming. Every last one of them. That's not understanding. That's not understanding at all.

Because if we were really understanding, we wouldn't be talking her down on the internet. Calling her "sweetheart" or "honey" to take her down a notch while doling out life advice. Saying we'll pray for her soul. Acting like we're so much better than a twenty year old with a shitty support system and terrible guidance.

I mean, is it really her fault? Is it?

Where's the outrage for the people who not only allowed this to happen, but made this happen? Sure, everyone's all about calling out MTV for being dirty brown water trash, but there's so much more than that...

Aren't we disappointed in all the people who were involved? Shouldn't we shame the people who cajoled her like a circus bear? The people who helped her create this mess, knowing the blame wouldn't fall on them, chanting "Do it!" like a crowd of frat boys?

Shouldn't we be sad that no one took her hand and said, "You don't have to do this, you know?"

You know, at some point she takes off the outrageous costumes and make-up and she goes to bed. And I bet it's lonely as hell. At some point she ceases to be an object in the limelight and becomes human again. And I wish we didn't need to be reminded that she's human.