Let Them Eat Cake

White cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and lemon curd filling

Lately I've been talking a lot about realizing dreams and holding strong to my desires and leaping into a new chapter of my life. Some of that was about my writing career, it's true, but some of it was not.

Part of it was about realizing a dream that I had left behind. A dream I have had since I was very young of becoming a baker. Dreams of beautiful tiered cakes and meticulously detailed cookies and fluffy frosting laden cupcakes.

I've filled notebooks and sketchbooks with ideas and designs and plans. And then, after a while, I would forget about them. I would set them aside. I would say, sure, maybe someday, but not today. I was afraid of failure. Of not being good enough. Perhaps I was even afraid of success. Of the commitment and dedication and hard work that would surely come with fulfilling a dream to the best of my abilities.

But no more. I have pulled out the notebooks and sketchbooks - dusted off and edited those plans left behind. I have spent long hours in the kitchen honing my skills, finding the best bases and fillings and frostings, pouring over ideas, tasting each layered component with great seriousness (hard life, I know). I have told few friends and family of my plans, shoving cake into their faces and asking if they believe in me.

A first attempt at fondant and flower making

And come the new year I will take that long awaited leap of faith. I will launch a small bakery from my kitchen, making custom cakes and cupcakes and cookies for parties, showers, special events, and if I am so privileged, even weddings. I'm behind the scenes right now, creating a website and fixing prices and making a ton of cakes in my kitchen.

And I'm telling you all because I'm excited, and I'm ready for this to be real, and because I want to shove cake into your face and ask if you believe in me too. Do you?