Goodbye 2013

It's hard to say goodbye to such a transformative, beautiful year. Looking back on 2013 just blows my mind. It seems unreal that so much could have happened, that so much could have changed. I remember starting off the new year in bed with my baby, my only baby. I remember how I felt then, who I was then, and it seems a lifetime ago. I had just quit my job as a daycare provider, with only vague notions of what I would do next. I was scared and uncertain, but resolute that this year would be different. That it would change me.

And it did.

I rediscovered my passions with new fervor and followed them to new places. I am a writer and a baker now, not as mere hobbies but as my livelihood. I met new people and rekindled old friendships. I surrounded myself with people who lifted me to new heights and inspire me daily. I brought a new life into the world. I changed the way I look at life and myself and my loved ones. I am a kinder, better person than I was a year ago and I no longer shy away from loving myself completely. I am changed, and I am so grateful for it.

And now I'm looking forward to another year - a fresh start - uncertain of what is ahead but resolute in my desire to make it wholly different from any other that has come before it. To live another vibrant year that will change me in wonderfully unexpected ways.

Happy New Year, my friends. May it bring you everything you never knew you wished for.