Holiday (Mis)happenings

We went all out with our tree this year, finally getting one of those fancy shmancy super tall noble firs that I've wanted ever since I was a little girl. The kind that has full fluffed out branches and doesn't stab you when you touch it. So glorious. So magnificent.

I spent all morning decorating it, placing each ornament with careful consideration. Unlike the smaller trees we've had in years past, this beast of Christmas glory used up every last ornament we had in our storage pile. Which, trust me, is a LOT of ornaments.

I put some sweet Christmas tunes on Pandora, lit it up and basked in its awesomeness for a few minutes once I'd finished. I was feeling like a Christmas superstar. I wrapped a couple presents beneath its twinkling lights and then decided perhaps some Christmas cookies were in order.

I got out my trusty Treasury of Christmas cookbook from the kitchen and came back into the living room to find an old favorite. But lo I didn't even get to sit down on the couch before all 7 feet of majesty came crashing down on my desk.

Ornaments exploded all over the desk and floor. Somberly I picked up the shattered remains of Lucas' first Christmas ornament, though luckily it was the only "special" ornament casualty. I cleaned up the broken shards of Christmas joy and leaned the tree against the wall while "Oh, Christmas Tree" played ominously in the background. It was all quite dramatically hilarious.

So here I will raise my mid-afternoon glass of Christmas cheer to you, and hope that your holiday preparations are faring better than mine.

Happy Holidays, friends.