Lucas' Third Birthday

We decided to forgo the big birthday bash this year and had a small family affair for Lucas' third birthday party. I gave the party a construction theme (mostly so I could make that awesome cake) and simply gathered up Tonka toys from around the house for decoration and to play with in his "digging pit" my husband made the morning of the party. I also grabbed some yellow and black balloons and tableware to pull the theme together, but it was a breeze to pull off.

Okay, not quite a breeze. I was sick like a dog, which is why I've been scarce around the blog lately. But it would have been a breeze if I was up and running at full capacity. And keeping the party down to just family and saying "screw the fancy homemade appetizers" and ordering pizza and wings made it lower stress too. 

I love putting on a big party, but this was just what we needed this year. And I think it's a tradition we'll be keeping with Avery until she's a bit older too. Perhaps when Lucas is four or five we'll start having "friends" parties, but I think family is the way to do it in the early years.

What do you think? Do you throw big bashes for the itty bitties or wait until they're a bit older?

Also, do you love that dump truck cake or do you LOVE that dump truck cake? ;)