You Are My Sunshine Party

Avery's first birthday was last weekend, and it was a total blast, even though things didn't quite go as planned. We went with a "You Are My Sunshine" theme, and all the details came together beautifully. Well, almost everything.

I figured since she was a May baby that we could easily plan on a nice outdoor BBQ. We spent the days before her party putting up a big tent and folding tables and chairs in the yard so everyone could sit out and enjoy the beautiful May weather for Avery's sunshine themed party.

Then it snowed. SNOWED! And it hailed and it rained and an icy cold wind was blowing all day long.

Rob was a great sport and put on his snow jacket to grill burgers and hot dogs. We crammed all our food tables and folding chairs inside, and everyone was really gracious about the fact that we were all squeezed inside for a mid-May BBQ.

Avery didn't mind at all. She got a whole cake to herself, and that was all that mattered. I made her a white vanilla smash cake with European vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant flowers, and matching cupcakes for everyone else. Avery loved it. She smashed into that cake like an old pro.

The details came out great. We had custom "You Are My Sunshine" invitations from  Grace and Madd Paperie. Maddie was so amazing to work with, and she was really patient with my many nit-picky changes. She totally understood my vision for the party and made invitations that perfectly matched the picture I had in my head.

The cake and cupcakes turned out just how I imagined them, and the yellow marshmallow fondant flowers really made them pop. And I can't imagine there's a better cake smasher out there than Avery. When she was done there was cake in her hair, cake on the walls, even cake on her Nana.
Avery waving to her photos, invites from Grace and Madd Paperie, singing "Happy Birthday," our dessert and favor table.
One detail I really loved was the "Year of Photos." I've taken photos of Avery with the same bear and blanket on each monthly birthday, and I had them printed out and lined up from 1 month to 12 months. Avery loved looking at her baby pictures. She waved to them and said, "Hi."

For favors I made individual jars of lemon curd and packaged up some fresh cream scones I made the morning of the party. There was one favor basket left over, and I devoured it for a Mother's Day treat.

For food we did a big BBQ spread. Hot dogs and handmade burgers with all the fixin's and an iced bucket of beers and a tall pitcher of lemonade. For sides we made my favorite macaroni salad, The Pioneer Woman's baked beans, potato chips and dip, sliced watermelon and some super tasty jalapeno popper dip with french bread. It is safe to say that no one went home hungry.

All in all, it was an awesome first birthday party, and I will treasure these memories forever.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!