I've Been Tired

I know, I haven't been around at all this last week.

I'm still wanting to commit to this blog, get on a better schedule and all that jazz. But, truthfully, I've been tired lately. Physically, emotionally, I'm just spent. And writing here just isn't always the thing to do when I'm feeling spent. In fact, it's usually the wrong thing for me.

I've struggled for a long time with controlling the quality of time I spend on the internet, especially when I'm writing. I get bored and distracted and despondent. I find myself delving into articles that aren't healthy for me. Stupid stuff. Heartbreaking stuff. The kind of stuff I tend to seek out when I'm not in a good head-space. I do that wretched thing where I just scroll down Facebook aimlessly. It's totally unhealthy, and I need to put a stop to it.

I need a little space to find my balance again. A little time to figure out boundaries and schedules that work for me. A reworking of priorities. And for goodness sake, I need some time to sleep.

Do any of you out there struggle with this when you're writing? Or just in your daily life? How to you manage your time, on the internet and elsewhere in your life?