Running The Reno Tahoe Odyssey

We came in 47th out of 250 teams in the Reno Tahoe Odyssey
What a weekend. Seriously. What an amazing, life-changing, difficult, draining and unbelievably wonderful weekend.

At 12:15pm on Friday afternoon I took out the starting gate at Wingfield Park for the 178-mile odyssey through Reno, the Sierras, Lake Tahoe, the high mountain desert, swinging past my high school hometown and up through Virginia City all to come right back where we started.

I ran legs 1, 13, and 25 - a whopping 14.2 miles.
I look at this map, and look back on this journey, and I'm awestruck at the fact that 12 of us ran all these miles - and fast, my god, we were fast (and by "we" I mean my teammates, who made up for my lackluster times and got us down to 8:31 average splits). We ran at all hours of the day and night. We ran when our bodies felt like they couldn't even hold us upright. You guys, it was a lot of running.

And at the end of it all we could barely walk, but I have never felt so strong. I have never felt so proud of myself, and of the strength of my body, other than after childbirth. It's hard to describe what happens to you out there - running many miles alone, talking to yourself in really strange ways, the moments of pure presence you experience in the quiet, the determination you pull from the depths to keep yourself going. It leaves you changed.

Van 1 after the finish line. We couldn't corral our whole team of twelve.
I'm already dreaming of next year, mapping out training regimens and considering half marathons, who knows, maybe someday a full. I'm already excited to see these faces again, to run with the unwavering support of some of the best people I've ever met.

What an adventure. What a joy.