Baby Notes - 19 Weeks

So, new year, new baby.

How exciting is that?

I glossed over that big announcement in my relaunch post, but I think baby #3 deserves a post of its own, don't you?

There isn't too much to tell, truth be told. Baby is due on June 1st. I'm almost at that halfway mark, and my 20 week ultrasound is this afternoon! We don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but everyone's betting on a girl. Lucas has decided we should name her Anna (which I sort of love).

I spent the first 12-13 weeks with morning sickness, but not dying, not moving, puke when I see pictures of Chinese food sick, so nothing much to complain about. I'm seizing the second trimester energy but still falling asleep at 7:00pm some nights. No shame.

And I'm excited. So excited. It's hard to wrap my mind around having another real-life baby placed in my arms and falling in love all over again. So surreal. I can't wait.