New Year. New Babe. New Blog.

Baby #3, coming soon...

Baby #3, coming soon...

I've been sitting around here thinking about fresh starts for a long while. Six months of virtual silence has been eye-opening. Six months of just living it out in real time - of facing the daggers and roses life threw at my feet.

It was a long hard year filled with more sorrow and joy than any 365 days should hold.

Exiled from a place of community in a time of need. A job lost and money so scarce we couldn't afford our own groceries. The death of a patriarch. Two babes never born.

And yet...

An outpouring of love in so many times of need. The building of better friendships. The dream job that finally came. The hard work that paid off. The newest babe still growing inside me, healthy and heart-beating, alive.

This year already feels fresh in so many ways. There are places we will never have to go back to. Hardships we won't face again in our lifetime. There are new sorrows to come, but also new joys, new life. All to be faced with a more resilient spirit - a spirit that would not have thrived without the good and the bad that life piled on top of me over the last twelve months.

It's a new year.

And it's good to have a fresh start. I've missed you all.