What I'm Reading - January Edition

I made the crazy goal on Goodreads to read 50 books this year, which is not going as smoothly as I had planned. As you can see, I'm three books in. And I am yet to be mama to a newborn again. 50 books may be a bit of a stretch for me. We'll see.

1. Pastoralia by George Saunders - This has been on my reading list for years, and Rob picked it off my long, long book list and surprised me with it for Christmas. I was not disappointed. It was laugh out loud funny paired with heart-wrenching disturbing. I love a good short story collection and this one was amazingly well crafted and memorable. It also featured the best novella I've read since The Age of Grief. (Have you read The Age of Grief? Go read it, now)

2. Smart Money, Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze - You all know I'm a big Dave Ramsey fan, and I'm super passionate about financial planning and goal setting. So it's only natural that I want to pass on good money sense to my kids. This book was an amazing resource of how to raise hard-working, money smart kids from a young age.

Reading through the teenage years made me wish my parents had this resource and knowledge when I was a teen. It would have totally changed the trajectory of my money decisions in my late teens and early twenties. As a parent, I can tell this book is a resource I will use for years to come.

3. Redeployment by Phil Kay - You may not know this about me, but I love a good war story. And Redeployment is good war story after good war story. It's not quite The Things They Carried (and let's face it, nothing ever will be) but it's damn good writing. The stories are a haunting and revealing portrait of the war in Iraq. It's a brilliant collection well worth your time.