Baby Notes - Week 29

Third trimester has really got me dragging, you guys. I had hoped (I had been so sure, actually) that I would be keeping up with the four day a week posting schedule. I have all these things I want to share with you: recipes, ideas, glimpses of my life, progress in my minimalism.

But then there's this deep and overwhelming desire to lay on a heating pad, watch Workaholics,  and eat chocolate in a variety of glorious forms. And that desire, my friends, has been winning. Often.

We've been riding a roller-coaster of illness and busy schedules here as well. Even though I know it's time for me to wind down and start taking it easy, part of me just wants to push into overdrive before baby comes. I know how life halts in those first six months of newborn chaos. It tempts me to bite off more than I can chew and my body is fighting my mind every with every overambitious step I take.

It's the curse of the third trimester limbo. Two months is nothing, and at the same time, it's an eternity.