Weekly Wishes


It's been a long few weeks of domino illness over here. Ear infections, chest colds, general pregnancy fatigue (okay, that one's just me). I feel like I've been treading water on the verge of drowning, only barely keeping everyone clothed and fed and alive.

I think springtime saved us.

Maybe it's because the start of spring came on a beautiful Friday, and we roasted marshmallows in the evening. It was the start of the weekend, the end of a very long week, and we could finally just breathe. Sometimes a change of season is just what you need to reboot. Especially when you're needing to come out of winter hibernation for some springtime productivity.

Speaking of productivity, I've decided to link-up with The Nectar Collective this week to do a small bit of weekly goal setting (you can join in on their fun link-up here). Since I'm feeling so grateful for spring, I wanted a spring inspired list of simple goals to get the ball rolling again.

  1. Plant Something - Spring has sprung and it's time to get my hands dirty. I'm not sure yet what we'll plant. Maybe I'll start some late seedlings inside. Maybe I'll sow some lettuce in the front yard garden. Maybe I'll pot some fresh herbs. We shall see.
  2. Buy Myself Flowers - Those lovely flowers pictured above have been making my kitchen so bright and cheery. They were one of those $3.99 bunches from Trader Joe's, and they lasted a full two weeks. Flowers make me happy every time I see them. A worthy investment if you ask me.
  3. Make a Spring Inspired Dessert - I'm thinking something with fresh strawberries. Or a floral crowned cake. Or maybe a fresh fruit tart. Delightful.

Do you have any goals you'd like to share for the week? Are you planning a big spring cleaning spree or some gardening?