Weekly Wishes #2

I keep waiting for time to slow to a halt, because isn't that how late pregnancy always goes? You hit some 30+ week mark and time stands still? Maybe after you have two kids that's not the case anymore. I feel like I can barely keep up and oh my goodness how is it already Easter this week?

I'm away in California this week visiting my family (and any friends who would like to get in touch) so I know this week is going to fly. Even so, I wanted to make some goals to make the most of my week here. I'm linking up with The Nectar Collective again to do my second edition of weekly wishes. First here's a recap of last week:

Last Week's Wishes:

  1. Plant Something - We potted a big beautiful ranunculus plant in the empty pot on our front stoop. I love coming home to it! Flowers make everything better, I swear.
  2. Buy Myself Flowers - I bought myself another little bunch of mixed flowers and roses from Trader Joe's. I think I'd go for the sturdier daisy bunches again next time since they lasted so much longer, but it was still a nice purchase.
  3. Make A Spring Inspired Dessert - A total fail. I made molten chocolate lava cakes. It's my all-seasons, I-love-chocolate dessert, and not spring-inspired at all. What can I say? Pregnant ladies want what they want.

This Week's Wishes:

  1. Make Easter Cookies - I'm excited to make some extra special royal-icing decorated cookies for Easter. Last year poor Lucas had pneumonia on Easter (and Christmas, what the heck, Jesus holidays?) so I want to make this year super crafty and fun for him. Lucas has been looking forward to making cookies for weeks, along with the Eastery goal to...
  2. Dye Easter Eggs - I'm going for the Pinterest project of whipped cream tie-dye eggs. Should be messy and fun.
  3. Take Some Blog-Worthy Photos - My new camera equipment should be in this week and I can't wait to try it out. I'm hoping to get some great posts scheduled with equally beautiful photos.
The Nectar Collective

Tell me, what are some of your goals this week?