Baby Notes - Week 36

This week is the beginning of the will we or won't we have a baby today phase. My contractions are getting stronger, and sometimes they cluster together. I keep wondering if I'm dilating or in early labor, which I probably am, but that doesn't tell me much other than I'll be uncomfortable for the next 2-3 weeks.

Rob is traveling this week, which means dealing with a series of random, obnoxious events that only happen when he is away. It's only been two days, but the list is impressive.

1. Woke up to tulip blooms all over the hallway. Not in a romantic sort of way. The cat snuck into the bathroom (where I was hiding my flowers) and chewed each and every one of my tulips off at the stem and strew them about the house in the wee hours of the morning.

2. The dog began giving off a weird fish odor yesterday. The problem persists. 

3. The cat threw up all over the living room. You know, from eating a bunch of flowers.

4. Avery decided to lick all the glitter off of Lucas' glitter painting. A lot of it got on the floor. A lot got all over her, and subsequently the rest of the house. There's so much glitter. Everywhere.

5. 5:45am is apparently the appropriate wake-up time when dad is gone. And naps? Naps are for the weak.

6. Contractions. So many. Some painful and real, some braxton, and all unwelcome.

7. Avery tells me she has to go potty. Translation: I have gone into the bathroom and unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet.

Then of course there's the usual sibling rivalry and general craziness hitting an all-time high. So much screaming. Such a lack in bathing (especially for me). Someone is always under the covers when I try to make the bed. Part of me wants to go into labor if only to escape the grind for a day.

But just a small part. Labor sucks.

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