The Freelance Life

I usually feel guilty about leaving the blog languishing - a half-formed creature of good intent and poor planning. But this last year has been different in so many ways. This last year has been all about writing, about finally doing the thing I set out to do when I first started this blog.

This time last year I was working behind the scenes at my very first freelance job at Romper, which launched last November. And maybe it makes me sound like a sell-out when I say that writing for money was the most exciting thing I'd ever done before, but it was. Making my own money, doing the thing I loved, it was liberating. It was fulfilling. It made me want more.

So at the end of last year, I made a goal for myself. I wanted to make $1000 a month as a freelancer. I had never come close to making that much money in one month, but I was determined.

The first month, I failed. I made $725. But I was picking up the pace and getting closer to that goal. The next month, I edged just over my $1000 goal. And every month since I have exceeded that goal. Sometimes tremendously.

And although there have been many ups and downs, jobs which have come and gone, I am in love with the freelance life. I have seen my name in the pages of Glamour. I have been published in a Sunday edition of The Washington Post. I am addicted to getting the next job, writing the next story that I want to share with the world. I am writing every damn day, and it feels like the thing I was meant to do.

This blog is unlikely to ever resurrect, and it may disappear in lieu of a portfolio. Still I am so thankful to anyone who has read it, to anyone who has encouraged me along the way. It has served as the springboard to living my dream, and I am so tremendously grateful.