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Everyone is talking about emotional labor. Listen in as Gemma joins the conversation and steers us toward progress.


Episode 7

Hosts Callie and Denise get to the bottom of emotional labor: the unpaid, unrecognized, and often invisible work that (usually) women do to keep everyone in the household happy and comfortable. We talk to Gemma Hartley, author of the Harper's Bazaar article, "Women Aren't Nags--We're Just Fed Up," who is helping get the conversation started about why emotional labor always fall to us, and what can we do to begin to share it with our partners

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Episode 4

On this episode Kara and Tanja dive deep into the concept of “emotional labor,” Kara’s soul ascends her body, and we have a special guest!

This idea that has recently gotten more attention thanks to a kickass piece in Harper’s Bazaar by Gemma Hartley entitled, “Women aren’t nags — we’re just fed up.” Tanja interviews Gemma about emotional labor, talking to a male partner about it, and the generational differences that come up when we talk about emotional labor.

Kara shares how emotional labor has become a hot topic in her life, and how she’s talking about it.

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Episode 214

Writer Gemma Hartley's story about "emotional labour" is connecting with a lot of women.

Her Harper's Bazaar article headlined "Women Aren't Nags - We're Just Fed Up" has recently gone viral, stirring online conversation internationally. 

Informed by the sociological concept of "emotional labour, Hartley sheds light on the overlooked work required in the thinking, planning, delegating, and upkeeping of a household and family.